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Sole Fresh Opening For Business June 1st

Sole Fresh provides a unique service that the greater Jersey City community has yet to see, but never realize was needed.  With the growing trend of sneaker fashion in this densely populated community, Sole Fresh provides a premium shoe care service #ForTheCulture of this diverse and urban neighborhood. Sneaker fashion can be seen in the hallways of Jersey City schools as well as on the streets of the downtown area.  It’s pretty obvious that staying fresh is typical of many Jersey City residents and it all starts at the soles of your feet. 

The concept of Sole Fresh was created by 3 friends with a passion for entrepreneurship as well as the growing sneaker culture.  They’ve married these two interests together to form a service experience they believe will thrive within the community.  With the typical spend on a pair of shoes ranging from $100 to $400+, they understand the need for a premium shoe care service in this area.   

People usually don’t find the time or just flat out don’t want to clean their shoes.  Most people, the owners included, have a pile of dirty shoes sitting in their closet that could be worn after a quick deep clean.  The age old habit of spending money on new shoes instead of just having your favorite ones cleaned is due for a change once Sole Fresh makes it’s mark this Summer 17’.