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Jeff Esquillo is one of the co-founders of Sole Fresh! Check out his interview with Whistle’s segment called “My Hustle.”


Fresh Kicks Are a Lifestyle

Sole Fresh is a premium shoe care and restoration shop in Jersey City, NJ. We specialize in deep sneaker cleaning, sneaker restoration, and more! We can handle high end sneakers like Yeezys, Air Jordans, Uggs, etc... Located only 20 minutes from NYC, we take local drop offs or shipments from anywhere in the US. Bring your soles back to life and trust the true proFRESHionals. 


   The company was built on a foundation of love for sneakers. Sole Fresh wanted to provide a convenient way to provide customers with a service to maintain and extend the lifespan of their favorite shoes.   We only use the BEST products in the market that are safe and have been tested for all types of different shoe materials. Our Shoe Care Specialists (SCSs) have been rigorously trained and are ready to answer any of your shoe care concerns. 

Cleaning Everyday Wear & Tear

Yeezy Clean

Interested In Shoe Restorations?

We offer re-paints, sole swapping, re-glues & more. Contact us at and let us know what work you need done, so we can provide an accurate quote for drop off or shipping

Refresh with a Repaint

Repaint the midsole, uppers, back tab, etc…

Un-Yellow Soles Due To Oxidation

We un-yellow midsoles, icy soles, mesh cages, etc..


Sole Swap and Back Tabs

We also offer partial or full re-glues

Re-glue Shoes

Our Services

  • Deep Cleaning Premium Shoe Care

  • Sneaker Restoration

  • Customizations

  • Jersey City Apparel and Sneakers

Sole Fresh guarantees a cleaner pair of shoes to the best of our ability