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Sole Fresh: Deep Cleaning

Instead of buying new shoes, do you wish there was a way to clean and restore your favorite pairs back to life? Our specialty is the premium shoe care and deep cleaning of your favorite pairs of shoes. We pay strong attention to detail and provide a high-end service to get your shoes as close to brand new as possible. In addition to deep cleaning your midsole and upper, we can also clean your inner lining, laces and under soles as well.

Deodorize & Sanitize

Most shoe wearers forget about the bacteria and odor that builds up over time in our favorite pairs of shoes.  As easy as it is to deodorize it after every use, most people forget this important step of the shoe maintenance process. Sole Fresh offers our ability to sanitize and deodorize the inside of your shoes to keep your feet smelling fresh and bacteria free. 


Sole Clean: Restoration

Yellow soles are due to a process referred to as oxidation.  When exposed to oxygen in the air we breathe, the mid soles take on a yellow tint over time. This is hard to prevent, yet typical amongst traditional sneaker materials. We also offer re-paints and re-glues to get your shoes as close to brand new as we can. We use premium solutions to offer a qualiy service. 

Shoe Polish & Buff

As young professionals, we understand how important it is to look good in the office as well as in the streets.  We offer premium polish and buff materials to get your leather shoes looking interview ready.  Each shoe is polished based on the pigment of your leather to ensure a premium polish and buff every time.

Sneaker Customizations 

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Pricing TBD based on amount of work that needs to be done.

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